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safety catalogue

Areas of use

Test your surfaces are germ free with the new Pro-tect swab tester kit

Use in the following areas…..
Medical practices, nursing homes, catering and food industry, restaurants, hotels, veterinary surgeries, pubs and wine bars.
chef testing for bacteria
Here’s some examples of the types of surfaces you can use the Pro-tect kit:

Worktops, sink areas, bathrooms, shower cubicles, toilet areas, fridges, cookers, chopping boards, cupboards, trays, tables…. Literally anywhere!

Hygiene Monitoring Systems

Today’s world dictates that hygiene standards are closely monitored. Here we can offer two types of monitoring systems. The first is specifically for the food industry and is a basic swab test kit which tests for proteins on surfaces and equipment after cleaning. It is a simple alternative for customers who predominately test flat surfaces and gives results within ten minutes. For more information and products, please click on the Kitchen Swab Testing link below.

The second system is a more sophisticated and detailed system. This is called an ATP Hygiene Monitoring system and can be used in almost all environments, including food, medical, sports, toilets, and washrooms areas. Two types of swabs are available with this system – a surface ATP, and a water ATP (for use in breweries, swimming pools, showers, etc.) For more information and products, please click on the ATP Swab Testing link below.

Kitchen Swab Testing

Kitchen Swab Testing

ATP Swab Testing

ATP Swab Testing