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SmartOne Anti-Vandal dispenser demo videos
See vandals do their worst on the SmartOne dispenser

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Fire proof Anti-Vandal Toilet Tissue Dispenser

Product ID: GP100
SmartOne Dispenser
Price: 12.75 (15.30 Inc. VAT)


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SmartOne Toilet Tissue Dispenser

  • SAVE A MASSIVE 42% in tissue to conventional systems
  • Eliminates stub roll waste
  • Reduced cross-contamination
  • Single sheet dispensing
  • Lasts 16 hours longer than bulk pack tissue before requiring refill
  • 142 hours more toilet visits than mini jumbo toilet rolls
  • Fire proof protection!
  • Fully enclosed & lockable dispenser made from durable ABS plastic
  • Ideal for high traffic washrooms
  • Superior product performance

for use with:
AA300 SmartOne Toilet Tissue

Simple Installation

The fixing panel comes with easy to install instructions and the durable lightweight manufacture is easily positioned even in the smallest washroom or cubicle.

Efficient Maintenance and Service

The dispensers have a translucent cover for checking the contents without opening.
The long lasting roll significantly extends the time between refills.

Convenient size

SmartOne's compact size 270 x 270 x 170mm allows the unit to work effectively even in the smallest cubicles.

Secure Dispenser

Paper is fully enclosed in the lockable, robust dispenser. However, should you wish to allow emergency access through the aperture, simply remove the locking clip which holds the cover in place.

Features & Key Benefits

SmartOne’s unique features create real benefits for businesses, providing maximum efficiency, combined with sleek design and hygienic dispensing.

  • Ultimate Hygiene Fully enclosed roll
  • Users only touch the sheet taken, helping to reduce cross-contamination
  • No waste, no mess, just smart, tidy washrooms
  • High capacity toilet tissue dispenser
  • Lasts longer between refills than any other dispensing system
  • Ideal for high traffic washrooms with multiple cubicles
  • Single sheet dispensing reduces consumption

Customer Satisfaction

  • Easy to use - the next sheet is presented and ready to take
  • Convenient sheet size is ideal for use
  • Peace of mind from a hygienic dispenser


  • Contemporary design style
  • Complements washroom interiors

Colour = Translucent Blue,
Dimensions = 270mm x 270mm x 170mm
Special Fitting instruction: Centre cone must be 65cm above the toilet seat